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Wonder what Rob (Dick Van Dyke) and Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) have been up to for the past forty years? This special catches up with the Petries in the present day, as well as relives some of their funniest moments from the past.

In this new episode, writers Rob and Sally (Rose Marie) each receive a phone call from Alan Brady (Carl Reiner) with a strange request: Alan, who admires the eulogies that the pair wrote for Buddy and Millie's (Ann Morgan Guilbert) late husband's funerals, wants them to write his eulogy before he dies. He rationalizes the request by telling them that he wants to know what they will say about him and he also wants the chance to do a rewrite. To induce them, he offers to pay a very large fee for the dubious job. Rob and Sally are uncertain that they can actually complete the assignment given their real feelings about Alan, but they reluctantly agree to try…for the money!
Rating: TVG

Dick Van Dyke
Mary Tyler Moore
Carl Reiner
Rose Marie
Larry Mathews
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Jerry Van Dyke
Bill Idelson
Sandy Kenyon
Jeanne Allen
Lana Whittington

Ray Romano

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PBS Hollywood Presents
The Gin Game
In-Depth Interviews
Dick Van Dyke
Mary Tyler Moore
Director Arvin Brown
Playwright D.L. Coburn
Key Scene Study

Premiering May 4, 2003
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Dick Van Dyke as Weller and Mary Tyler Moore as Fonsia
Remembering the Dick Van Dyke Show

Ode to DVD
By: Karen D.

I'm sitting here, watching you,
I know you've pride in what you do
You're face is always bright and sunny,
And your many expressions are always funny

I cannot tell you what it means to me,
When I see you on my T.V.
Sitting here in my chair,
Watching you without a care

You're barely on, but when you are
I come and watch you from afar
I grab a snack, if I can,
And watch you trip, over the ottoman

I laugh so hard I nearly choke,
But it's okay you made a joke
And before I fall asleep each night,
I'm glad to say, "I watched Dick Van Dyke!"

Welcome to my Dick Van Dyke Show web page.  This site is dedicated to Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore and everyone else who made the show happen.  This site went On-Line on December 28th, 1998 and since then it has had over 100,000 visitor and it has been updated once a month.  My one mission is to educate current fans of the show and maybe create some new ones.  Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay.

I would like to add more lyrics to the music section.  Please send me any Lyrics to songs on the show that you may have.  Thank you.

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